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My debut novel, PLAYING THE CHANGES, should be published in early 2023.  It tells the story of Ray Stark, one of the top neurosurgeons in the US, an unfeeling, emotionally dysfunctional man who suddenly sees his perfectly ordered life unravel and, after hitting rock bottom, reinvents himself as a jazz saxophonist in an effort to recover his heart, soul and humanity – and possibly his wife as well. 


Award-winning author JAY PARINI, with whom I workshopped the novel, says, "PLAYING THE CHANGES is a novel of transformation.  The sad and often ironic twists in the life of Ray Stark, who seems very like a contemporary version of Everyman, kept me reading.  The swift pace of the narrative, with its layered stories, is expertly managed.  The prose is clean and strong, with poetic moments, as when Ray takes to the sax.  This novel—a remarkable debut by George Collins—is about one man's journey into deep understanding and humanity." 


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I have also adapted PLAYING THE CHANGES into a screenplay which I will soon start pitching to production companies.  If you represent a production company and would like to take a look at the screenplay, please contact me via the box below. 


My second novel (working title: POISONTOWN) is currently in draft and should be published in 2025.